Your opportunity to get epic results, an iron mindset and bags of stamina!

Our Professional Coaches Will Lead Your Training Sessions, Teach You How To Eat The Right Way To Get Results & Check Your Progress Every Single Week!

We Are An Award Winning Group Personal Training Gym.

Join Our 6 Week "STRONGER, FITTER, LEANER" Programme & Secure Your Space!
  Supreme Being Fitness, Kerry Avenue, Purfleet Industrial Estate, RM15 4YA.
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What's Included In The Programme?
Everything you are going to need. 
Your training is programmed by our in house strength coaches, and guided by our coaching team, in a live group training session, with a bunch of likeminded other people. 
Your nutrition is taken care of by qualified nutrionists, and adapts to your needs as your goals develop and change. 
Your results are monitored and advised upon by our highly skilled team. 
You'll also have 24/7 support, in our live support chat groups, so you can make sure you optimise your results and get the best experience possible!
How Many Sessions Can I Do Each Week?
3-6 is our standard recommendation, but once you've completed your consultation, we will have a better idea of where you should start. 
All of our members attend a minimum of 3 sessions per week, so please bare that in mind when applying.
Will I Get A Meal Plan?
Yes and No is the right answer.
We aren't going to give you a cookie cut meal plan to follow. From experience, they are very short lived methods of success. What we aim to do, is put you through an immersive system that will teach you how to eat the right foods that meet your specific goals. 
Do I Have To Be Fit To Join?
Not at all. 
We have all kinds of abilities here. If your brand new to fitness or a hardened athlete, our programme is designed to be individually adapted to meet your needs. All I CAN PROMISE you, is that you will leave every single session knowing you've had an awesome workout. 
When are the Sessions?
We have sessions at 6am, 7am, 10am, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm. Plus we have sessions on Saturday & Sunday morning. There's a total of 37 hours to chose from each week, so you'll have plenty of options to meet your diary needs. 
Can I Join Without Booking A Consultation?
This is a group personal training gym. Not a corporate gym where members are just numbers. We like to meet everyone first, establish your goals, needs and obstacles. So that we make sure what we have is perfectly suited to you. It's a personal training experience but in a group setting. This is a standard rule for all of our programmes. No shortcuts. But don't worry, you can book a consultaiton on the next page, its simple and takes 2 minutes. 


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In A Nutshell, we have space for you to join our refined, tried and tested programme, built over 10 years of hands on, strength coaching experience. 

We're looking for guys who want to get strong, fit and lean, through following our nutritonal education steps and training programmes, with us, in a group personal training environment. 

Spaces DO run out quickly. So you can book a space for a consultation on the next page. 

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